Q & A with La Folie’s Chef Passot


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had a chance to spend some time last week with Chef Roland Passot from La Folie. Chef Passot was nice enough to let me ask a few questions. Here they are:

Q: What is your favorite type of Caviar?

A: Even in the time of Beluga in the late 90’s, I always preferred Golden Osetra. Still to this day in the farmed Golden Osetra, there is a delicate, nutty, buttery flavor that can be found almost nowhere else. It reminds me of a fresh salted butter from Normandy.

Q: You are known for having been a child cooking prodigy as well as for having tremendous creativity 40 years later. How do you maintain the creativity?

A: Look in my kitchen and one of my top sous chefs is a young Japanese talent. Some days I ask what should we do today? She thinks totally differently to me. Working with young culinary thinkers has helped keep me creative to this day.  You should embrace change as you age and stay excited. Why not? The Rolling Stones are still relevant.

Q: Chef, you are active with a lot of charitable events. Can you talk about those activities?

A: Meals on Wheels is my favorite charity to work with. I really like the Chef Challenges. There is a lot of talent out there and every year the chefs are getting younger.

Q: A lot of Chef’s talk about striving for perfection. Can you talk about what perfection means to you?

A: From my time in the states, I have learned you are never too old to learn. To me, perfection is a journey more than a destination.

Thanks Chef! I really appreciated your time and I hope our readers do too.

– Ali

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