Plaza Caviar @39th Winter Fancy Food Show San Francisco

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth# 2823

photo3 IMAG0500
We enjoyed three fun days of caviar sampling and foodie fun.

photo photo6

Being next door to a Jamón ibérico booth made for some tasty trades.

photo5 photo4

Special thanks to James Beard award winning author Joanne Weir for stopping by with her assistant Karen just to say hi!


Visit our booth @Summer Fancy Food show in NYC June 29th – July 1st

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  1. I appreciate hearing from you and especially appreciate that you dont overdo contact. So here is a contact back few and far between but we thought worth mention. We (SYMBIOS) were in The Economist today talking about our truffle finding technologies. You helped me find Rose (and her ducks and foie from Puyallup!) and weve met and corresponded several times. Thanks for being the kind of people we want to maintain contact with and especially the fact that you do not over-contact folks just enough contact. Thanks – you can see The Economist article at . They got the part about the electronic nose technology a bit wrong; but we will clear that up in the next piece which should be out soon.

    Many thanks,


    Jean Buckner, EdD

    President, Symbios LLC

    15723 SE 58th Pl

    Bellevue, WA 98006

    Phone: 425-747-9187



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