Plaza Caviar & Mote Champagne

Grand reopening of Bevmo Van Ness in SF featured a wonderful parings of Plaza Caviars & Mote Champagnes. Caviarblog was excited to provide the tasting station. All three caviar offerings paired with unique Mote bubbles, Clique, Rose, and Imperial all of which were very well received. Dry Champagne has the perfect characteristics to counter balance... Continue Reading →

Caviar Gold

We have a fun and exciting visit planned to our farm in Bulgaria this spring. We will bring some video content for our blog fans and caviar enthusiast alike. In the videos we plan to show everything from the world class environment that out farm in located in, to the caviar process from farm to... Continue Reading →

World’s priciest pancake containing lobster, champagne and caviar goes on sale for £800

Thought I should share this crazy caviar concept! Top be honest, even as a lover of caviar, I would rather splurge on chicken & waffles than this.  Just too much going on to really enjoy such a rare caviar....... but enjoy the read none the less 🙂

Pic of the week

Special thanks to uber talented Chef Jason Franey of Canlis Restaurant in Seattle for sharing his signature New Years Eve Caviar dish with us! Featured in the picture is a reserve batch of Farmed Amber Osetra hand selected for Chef Franey.

Asian Inspirations Fuel Unique Ways To Enjoy Caviar For The Holidays!

  I love food from any international cuisine you could name. As you can imagine, I am always looking for new caviar concepts and ideas that compliment these different cuisines, but this is a challenge because caviar, traditionally, only came from wild sturgeon from the Caspian and Black Seas, and as such, accompanied foods from... Continue Reading →

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