Asian Inspirations Fuel Unique Ways To Enjoy Caviar For The Holidays!

Osetra All American Package
I love food from any international cuisine you could name. As you can imagine, I am always looking for new caviar concepts and ideas that compliment these different cuisines, but this is a challenge because caviar, traditionally, only came from wild sturgeon from the Caspian and Black Seas, and as such, accompanied foods from those regions and culinary masters in France. Also, it is a unique challenge to pair caviar with more flavorful cuisines without overpowering the subtle nature of this delicate product. However, with the advent of sustainable farming, a variety of products of amazing quality are now abundant and available from reputable sources like Pacific Plaza Imports. Thus, I say it is high time that we break with convention, get creative and try something distinctive.

Traditionalists may prefer to eat caviar simply, in its purest form, but as fusion cuisines (particularly Asian fusion) and fine dining pervade the food cultures of every major metropolitan city across the country, I think it is the perfect time to explore the use of caviar and roe accompanying some uniquely Asian flavors, and there is no reason you can’t do this in your own kitchen with a little help from caviarblog. When traveling in Asia, or visiting your local Asian grocery store, you can’t help but notice the abundance of dynamic fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, handmade noodles and other fresh items. These items, and the delectable cuisines of Asia were my inspiration for the recipes in this blog.

Almost all items were sourced from Costco Warehouses, leading to superior values on amazing foodie finds we implore you to enjoy the same level of quality.

Featured ultra premium renewable Caviars from Costco: Plaza Osetra farmed in Bulgaria, Plaza Baerii farmed in Florida, Plaza Royale farmed in Idaho/Italy, and lastly our signature  All American Package that features a wonderful domestic medley of caviars

– Available for this holiday season at your local Costco Warehouses

Featured Dishes:
1. Plaza Baerii atop Fresh Hamachi Sashimi, with a touch of wasabi soy sauce, wakame salad, and a hint of yuzu
A 1. Hamachi 1 A 1. Hamachi 2

2. Hearts of Palm Salad, topped with Plaza Trout Roe, avocado mousse, heirloom tomato, lemon and chive

A 2. Hearts of Palm Salad

3. Fresh Vegetables stuffed with Fish Dace (fine fresh fish paste), fried and topped with Plaza Bowfin Roe (crimini mushrooms, baby bell peppers and aubergine)

A 3. stuffed veggies 1 A 3. stuffed veggies 2 A 3. stuffed veggies 3

4. Egg on Egg on Egg – fresh egg noodles, topped with soft boiled quail egg, and Wild Plaza Golden Whitefish

A 4. egg on egg on egg 1 copy A 4. egg on egg on egg 2

5. Quail egg Nestled in Lump Crab Meat on Buckwheat Blini and topped with Plaza Royale White Sturgeon Caviar

B 5. quail egg and lump crab meat on blini

6. Shrimp Cake on mashed avocado topped with crème fraiche and Plaza Osetra Caviar

B 6. shrimp cake 1 B 6. shrimp cake 2 B 6. shrimp cake 3

7. Fried Forbidden Black and Sweet Rice Cake with Wasabi Mayo Glaze topped with Smoked Salmon, Wild Plaza Trout Roe and dill.

B 7. forbidden rice 1 copy B 7. forbidden rice 2

8. Chilean Seabass steamed in sake broth En Paper topped with crème fraiche and Plaza Baerii and served over mashed purple potatoes

B 8. sea bass 1 copy B 8. sea bass 2 copy

9. Dragon Fruit Ice flavored with sugar and cognac, topped with mango puree, mango slices, organic orange honey, Plaza Baerii and a hint of lime

B 9. dragon fruit ice 1 B 9. dragon fruit ice 2 copy

10. Fried Plantains with Cognac Flambe served atop Sticky Rice with Mint, Fresh Persimmon and topped with Plaza Baerii

B 10. fried plaintain copy

This blog was inspired by a love of various Asian cuisines, and I am so grateful for the help of my special culinary contributors Jojo Lam and Pat Beck for their time and creativity in collaborating to create these dishes and their beautiful plating ideas, and Nghi Lam for her photography skills capturing our two day Asian Fusion Caviar Extravaganza. This was a group effort with fantastic results. Thank you!

Just email us if you desire the full recipe breakdown for any of the 10 featured recipes…and again happy holidays and enjoy some fancy flavors with family and friends its a delish way to ring in the new year!

-Sandhya & Ali

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