Adventures in Caviar: Scotch and Osetra

Yes folks, here at Caviarblog we are not scared of trying caviar with anything. For this adventure, we paired the Osetra crostini seen above with a couple different scotches and a brandy eau-de-vie. Although definitely not the first in the world to try this pairing, we are guessing there are probably not too many that have put these two together.


While not highly recommending the combination, we actually enjoyed the experience. Most of the time we pair caviar with something to drink, we have a taste of the caviar first and then the drink. We did this with a nice neat single malt and figured we had confirmed what we expected: that it wasn’t good. However, we soon changed our minds.

After some discussion about the flavors involved, we tried a Ben Riach aged in Madeira and then a bite of the osetra crostini. This way it actually worked. The bold flavor of the caviar cut right through the scotch and left us wanting more of both. One of the comments we could agree on was that the finish had a smoked sturgeon taste to it. The cognac also worked nicely in this order.

water of life

For those of you out there that are a bit more adventurous, go for it. Even if you don’t like it, you’ll learn about your palate.


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