Congratulations to Chef Jason Franey

best new chef’s dinner

Congratulations to Chef Jason Franey on being named one of the Best New Chefs of 2011 by Food & Wine Magazine. He is the Executive Chef at Canlis in Seattle. Here is the dish he served at the Best New Chef Dinner this past weekend. It is a house-smoked salmon topped with potato, watercress, sorrel flowers, and Siberian sturgeon caviar.

Check out Chef Franey’s profile or an article covering the dinner here on Yumsugar:,0,0#1.

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  1. The Siberian sturgeon from Pacific Plaza Imports was such a great complement to the smoked copper river salmon. Thanks Ali!

  2. Jason your dish looked absolutely delicious. Your talent keeps ascending you up the ranks in the pantheon of culinary greatness, which couldn’t happen to a more humble person. It’s a lot of fun to work with you whenever possible.

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