Grading Caviar: A tasting with Chef Gregory Short

Over the next week, we are able to bring you something real special here at Caviarblog. Ali recently joined Chef Gregory Short for a tasting and grading of 18 different types of roe. The tasting was held at Masa’s (, where Chef Short is the Executive Chef and recipient of multiple Michelin stars. Masa’s serves caviar that is imported by Pacific Plaza Imports, where Ali is a Vice President.

a broad selection

Every year, PPI does a tasting with Chef Short.  This helps Ali evaluate both new farms and new types of product that he considers carrying. In addition to getting a sneak peak at the entire line from PPI, Chef Short is able to offer real insight with his keen palate. He is a true caviar enthusiast and educates himself on the most recent developments in farming.

This year he will be tasting seven different types of sturgeon in addition to an assortment of delicious roe that inclues Paddlefish, Hackleback, Salmon, and Trout. We will break up our coverage for you over the week. Today is the introduction. Next we will bring you the tasting of the seven different types of sturgeon, followed by the roe and then wine pairings with Master Sommelier Alan Murray from Masa’s.  Stay tuned.


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