Caviar Omelet

Well you may have noticed we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus at here at Caviarblog. We apologize for the lack activity but we have a decent excuse. Christina and I (matt) recently got married in Hawaii and the whole Caviarblog team was there to celebrate. Luckily, we have a few pictures to share with you.

the way to christina's heart

As you’d expect, we had a little caviar on the trip and our meal of choice was an omelet. Staying at the Fairmont Orchid, we ordered some room service.  We decided on the three egg omelet that we chose to supplement with some trout roe and Siberian sturgeon.

baller style

From the pictures, you can see that we went big with our favorite delicacy. We split a two ounce jar of the Siberian that we spread evenly in a row across the omelets. We also added in some trout roe a little more sparingly as we really wanted the savory flavor of the sturgeon to stand out.

This meal was incredible and a great compliment to a great trip. We look forward to getting back after it here on Caviarblog and you will be seeing more from us soon.


beautiful sunset at the fairmont orchid

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