Smoked Sturgeon Salad

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Welcome back to Today we are sharing a nice quick way to bring caviar into your life. Lately, I’ve been eating a good amount of salad from Whole Foods while trying to eat a little bit healthier. They have a nice selection of salads that includes a pretty good Greek salad. This is where we will begin.

whole foods up in the corner

As you can see in the pic above, we’ve got a cucumber, a couple tomoatoes, a red pepper, and a kalamata olive. The salad on the right also has a little creme fraiche. The caviar we are going with tonight is one imported from a farm in China. It is from the Acipenser Baerii.

smoked sturgeon in the mix

We throw a bit of the smoked sturgeon into the mix and then a healthy portion of the white sturgeon on top. The sturgeon is hot smoked but served cold.

Of course we try the Siberian sturgeon off of our hand at first. This roe is pretty firm from a texture perspective but doesn’t quite have an audible pop. It has a nice briny flavor with a finish that is slightly sweet. The flavor is a little on the buttery side but nowhere near the Osetra we had earlier this week.

sweet, smoky, briny

Once we add the caviar to the salad, we use chopsticks to eat the delicate dish. I’m having the one without creme fraiche that you can see to the right here.

When I try the caviar with the smoked sturgeon, they really go well. It’s a little tough to get a bite with all the different components of the salad, but I’m able to get smoked sturgeon, caviar and the red pepper together into a bite. This is the combination that I enjoyed most of the night.

The pepper brings its distinct yet slightly sweet flavor and great texture into the mix. It’s definitely something I recommend trying. The sweetness from the pepper, smoky flavor from the sturgeon, and brininess of the caviar combined is a force to be reckoned with.  A bite of tomato in between bites also helps refresh the palette.

the best bite

– matt

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