chopin and golden osetra

Tonight we are going back to the roots of caviar. The Russian roots specifically. We will be enjoying our caviar with vodka.  Chopin, a potato vodka specifically, is the choice despite it coming from Poland.  Potato vodkas are considered to be a good pairing for caviar because they have a very refined, clean flavor profile and Chopin is a solid selection.

a handful

We are starting off with a 2oz jar of Golden Ostetra. This is some of the best caviar available in the world. It is farmed in Bulgaria and imported by Ali and Pacific Plaza, where it is distributed under the Plaza Osetra brand.

You can see by Chef Tyler Florence’s (@TylerFlorence) picture (our Caviar Pic of the Week.) that we are in good company, as this looks to be the same caviar he was served at Gary Danko.

The Golden Osetra is absolutely delicious. The color is quite nice and has an almost amber appearance to it. When I take a bite of the caviar, I immediately notice the texture. The eggs have a softer shell than some of the other caviar we’ve profiled. This softer texture, combined with the buttery taste make for a succulent bite. I wash it down with a nice shot of the vodka and we are off.

nice and toasty

Back in the kitchen, the blinis have just come out of the oven.  Blinis are another popular way to eat caviar, and are often eaten with creme fraiche. For starters, Christina is trying the caviar with just the blini. She says the warm blini and buttery osetra are “perfect together” and “rich”.

I follow along and have to agree. I have a friend who uses the term “snuggle food” like some use comfort food.  After eating this, I’m ready to lie down and snuggle. Although the vodka may be helping that.

Mike shows us how it’s done with some creme fraiche and a pic of the original setup below.

this is how
the setup


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