Tasting the Latest from Italy: Italian Caviar

As a purveyor of caviar at Pacific Plaza Imports, Ali is constantly evaluating new sturgeon farms to find the best caviar out on the market. One of the farms that he has been working with lately is a farm in Italy named Agroittica. As he recently made the decision to carry their White Sturgeon under his Plaza Royale label this year, we took the opportunity for a tasting.

We both came away thoroughly impressed with the Italian farm. The roe itself had great structure and “pop”. The flavor of the roe was very nice as well and reminded me somewhat of the Osetra as it had a slightly nutty flavor with a very minimal briny finish.

The smooth, buttery flavor made this an excellent choice to taste directly off the hand or spoon, which is my favorite.

We also tried this off a sliced fresh cucumber which makes for a clean crisp bite. The texture of the cucumber compliments the White Sturgeon well and the flavor doesn’t overpower the roe.

If you don’t have blini handy or perhaps are going for a cooler, more refreshing snack, this is an excellent choice.

Overall, this selection is highly recommended. It delivers great taste combined with great texture. It is really exciting to see how sustainable, farmed caviar is spreading throughout the world. We are seeing more geographically diverse selections than ever before.

You can see above the nice color of the roe. They have almost a golden translucence to them. Here’s a shot of Ali tasting it pure off the hand. I think you can see his opinion in his smile.


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