Getting Creative with Caviar

While I am not a chef, I’ve always had a love affair with food, cooking and sharing meals with friends. So I ask you, what sounds better than getting together with friends for a tasting party featuring caviar? After living through the experience, I can tell you it is a whim I am glad was not denied.

The setting was my lovely friend Asiya’s San Francisco apartment. The guests were an intimate and eclectic group of friends from all walks of life. The goal was to create an array of recipe ideas using a range of caviars and roes to appeal to a wide variety of food enthusiasts, from the frugal gourmand to the most indulgent.

I think we succeeded.

We are posting a few pics today and will be sharing the recipes and more pics over the next few posts. I hope you’ll try some of them out. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

Thanks to Ali and our friends at Plaza De Caviar ( who helped us out with our tremendous selection of Caviar. Here’s a shot of me making my favorite Buckwheat Blini’s. I’ll be sharing that recipe next.

– Sandhya

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