Sometimes You Just Have to Celebrate

champagne and siberian

It’s Friday night and we’ve all had a long week. The Royal Wedding has everyone in the celebratory mood and it’s time to pop open some bubbly. We’ve got a bottle of Moet & Chandon to go along with some Siberian Sturgeon.

a little tuna/sturgeon party

We want to add a little weight to our dish so we pull out some Ahi tuna. We are trying our own bit of fusion to have a little fun tonight. We have the traditional blini and creme fraiche in addition to our seafood. The champagne is a perfect pairing. The effervescence of the champagne really brings out the flavor of both the tuna and the roe. The sweet champagne along with the distinct salty-sweet taste of the Acipenser Baerii make for the perfect Friday.

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