Caviar and BBQ?

pure awesomeness

That’s right.  The sun is out and spring is in the air.  We’ve dusted off the trusty Weber grill for a little barbecue action.  On the menu for today is a 2lb. tri-tip, a pound of fresh scallops wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, asparagus, and brussel sprouts. Our friends John and Joanne will be joining Christina and I.  You can see John’s music blog at John is a bit of a wine and scotch aficionado in addition to liking caviar so you’ll probably be seeing more of him at

a little pre-meal pic

Originally caviar hadn’t crept into my mind when I started planning the meal.  But once I decided to have bacon wrapped scallops, I knew we would need to experiment a little bit.  After pulling them off the grill, the scallops are looking tasty.  Here’s a plate fresh off the grill.  I love grilling bacon.  I mean, I love bacon every which way it can possibly be prepared, but I really love it when it comes off the grill charred.

let's do this

Earlier this week we tried out some Lumpfish capelin.  We didn’t finish the jar and although it’s teetering on the edge of it’s lifespan, it has been well refrigerated so we’re gonna give it a go.  In most cases, the smell will tell you if the caviar is past its prime.  I’ve taken a whiff and it passed the smell test so I’m not worried for Christina’s safety (as our fearless food enthusiast, she’s up first).  And with the size of that spoonful, neither is she.  Fearless indeed.

doing this

First off, the caviar and the scallops go great together.  The slightly salty flavor of the Lumpfish is balanced by the sweetness of the scallop.

Christina separates out the bacon in her first bite so she could see how the caviar and scallop fare together without the influence of bacon.  We all know that it is so easy to be seduced by the bacon, especially if it’s applewood smoked.

On the other hand, I dive right into the scallop, bacon, caviar goodness that is at the top of the page.  With all the flavors coming together in my mouth, it is incredible.  I really want to try this dish out with Osetra or other sturgeon roe.  They would definitely bring a different flavor to the table.  Osetra in particular has a buttery flavor that would really bring this dish to the next level.  That will have to be later on this spring/summer.  It is barbecuing season after all!


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