Trying out Lumpfish Caviar

After eating at Gary Danko this past weekend, we will need to take it a little easier on the wallet this week. We’ve picked up a jar of Lumpfish caviar that we will create a couple of dishes with.

Lumpfish runs about $20 a jar (2 oz) depending on the quality and where you pick it up. We are adding it to a tasty little appetizer that Christina is making. She picked up some dungeoness crab and smoked salmon from the store and both are looking good.

Christina has started with a lump of crab as a base. She has added some smoked salmon and then a nice layer of the caviar on top. My mouth started to salivate when she threw a drop of my favorite Yuzu hot sauce on top of mine. I know I’m a sucker for hot sauce so we always start out without it. It can definitely skew the perspective on a dish. This dish is delicious with and without it.

The Lumpfish is a little saltier than most caviar. This is balanced quite nicely by the sweet taste of crab. I particularly enjoyed the textures of all three together in my mouth. This is a great dish to try at home. Stay tuned, we will try making an omelet with the Lumpfish later this week.


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