Oysters at home

Welcome to our caviar blog. This is where our team will share our forays into the world of fine food.  We will always strive to make it real.  We’ll share how much we’re spending to eat the best foods and good deals when we see them.

As you can see from the title of our first blog, we will share our adventures in enjoying caviar and other great dishes at home.  We will also venture out into the restaurant world as well, but well save that for later.  Tonight we’re having Kumomotos…

Shucking the oysters and enjoying some Sapporo

Let’s take a look at some of the things we’ll be tasting tonight.  We’ve got the Kumamoto oysters that we will enjoy with both sturgeon and trout roe:

Both sturgeon and trout roe

The caviar is excellent tonight.  This is my first time having trout roe.  For those of you who are less familiar, the trout roe is bright orange in color.  It looks similar to Ikura, salmon roe.  This trout roe has a great pop and is full of flavor.  Here’s a good pic:

Christina shows off the sturgeon on a blini before taking it down:

sturgeon roe on a blini

We sampled the oysters and roe a variety of different ways.  At first we tried the caviar off our hand to get it in it’s purest form.  We also sampled the oysters with just some lemon juice and they were outstanding.  Then we started combining the two.  We had oysters with different caviar.  We sampled in some hot sauces, Tabasco and a Yuzu one.  I really enjoyed the yuzu one.  Christina liked the Ponzu sauce best.

gettin after it

The oysters came from Aloha Seafood where we got a great price buying in bulk.  We picked them up for $1/oyster.  Ali and Mike brought over the caviar from Pacific Plaza.  Overall tonight, we’re in for about $200 and we’ve fed five with oysters, caviar, salmon, and Kobe style shabu shabu.  Life is good.

kobe style

– matt

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